If we want to change what students are capable of reading, we must also change how students read and why students read. To do this requires a comprehensive approach to reading instruction. Reading Plus begins with an assessment that measures a student’s reading capacity as well as his or her reading efficiency and motivation for reading. This allows for personalized and dynamically adjusted instruction that encourages independence, broadens interests, and builds knowledge. Educators easily monitor progress while using the integrated messaging tool to stay in dialogue with students as they experience the success of meeting individualized goals.

University testing has found that the greatest weakness in reading is fluency. Reading Plus begins with two diagnostic instruments. One evaluates fluency in silent reading and the other places students in appropriate fluency, comprehension and vocabulary lessons. Each student receives an individualized reading program selected from over 5,400 lessons covering reading skills written for readability at each level covering phonics to College.Reading Plus is founded on decades of pioneering research and development in the field of silent reading technology. The award-winning program is used in thousands of public and private elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools.


We are an independent privately owned  exclusive representative  of Reading Plus and have been working with Reading Plus since the DOS Days (over twenty years!!)